We make order super easy! First pick the state you want to purchase and fill out the form with the information you want printed on the ID. Upload your photo and a photo of your signature (made on a piece of white paper) to Imgur and paste links in corresponding photo and signature fields. Then click “add to cart”

If you are purchasing for a group, go back to the shop and do the same thing for every additional person, then select the shipping option and click “proceed to checkout”.


Fill in the shipping information and choose a payment method. We accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Western Union, MoneyGram and RiaTransfers.



Fake ID is a product that require maximum discretion. As you probably can guess, popular payment processors or services such as Paypal would never accept payments to us due to the nature of our business. For this reason we use the safest means at our disposal such as money transfer services (Western Union, Money Gram, Ria Transfers) or cryptocurrency payments (Bitcoin or Litecoin).

Crypto currency payment option is always available and is the fastest payment method! Availability of other payment methods may vary. Valid payment options will be shown to you on checkout page!

Orders paid with Bitcoin will have their status updated automatically upon receipt of payment.

All other orders with be updated manually by our staff within 12-48 hrs, depending on the load.

If you need to change payment method, place a new order!


Paying with Bitcoin/Litecoin is the cheapest and fastest option. We offer 15% discount for all cryptocurrency orders with code ‘crypto’! To pay with Bitcoin/Litecoin select the corresponding option at checkout and click “place order”.


Then send Bitcoin/Litecoin amount to the address given to you at the checkout. This is unique bitcoin address pertaining to your order exclusively. Our script will detect incoming transaction and mark your order complete. After this your order will be sent out to production line automatically.


Paying for your order with BTC guarantees smoothest and fastest order execution with no delays or manual approvals!

You can always double check the status of your bitcoin transaction on independent 3d party Blockchain explorer website, searching by your wallet address. With bitcoin, you can rest assured knowing where your money is!

NB!: Please have your BTC/LTC ready before you place the order, esle the payment window countdown will expire and the status of your payment will need to be confirmed manually by member of our staff. In other words, buy bitcoin first – place the order second.


Click here for King’s user friendly step-by-step walkthrough for buying BTC. Takes less than an hour to buy your first crypto safely and anonymously. This is the quickest way to pay and get your IDs!


Money Tansfers is the slowest payment method requirig manual approval of your order upon the receipt of payment. We only recommend choosing it if you can’t purchase bitcoin for some reason.


To use Ria Transfers payment, click “Ria Transfers” at the checkout and then click “Place Order”. After you completed this step, a summary of your order will be shown, which will also contain detailed instructions on how to proceed with your payment and the name and address of the person whom you need to pay (you will receive this information to your email as well for convenience). Write down this name and address on a piece of paper, making sure the spelling is correct! Then visit the nearest RiaTransfers store to send the money. Check this map to find the closest location.

Alternatively, you can send the transfer online by using your credit/debit card or bank account. Simple step by step instructions are outlined on RiaTransfers website. Whichever way you may have chosen, always select “cash pickup” for the receiving option.


Be sure to choose “Cash Pickup” option for the reciever of the transfer.

Send money ONLY in USD currency!

To send payment via RiaTransfers you need Receiver’s first and last name, payment destination country and city. No additional details are required.


After you have sent the transfer, write down the Reference number given to you by Ria system and fill RiaTransfers payment form on our website.

Your order will be sent to processing right after we receive your transfer details!


To pay with Western Union select “Western Union” option at checkout page and then click “Place Order”. After clicking “Place Order” a summary will appear with instructions on who to pay (and you will receive an email with this info too). Write down this name carefully and send the money by going to a local agent. Find the closest agent to you by visiting this map.

You can also send the transfer online. Follow Western Union website for the instructions. Either way, select “cash pickup” as receiving option.



Be sure to say “Cash Pickup” when asked how the receiver wants the money.

Send money in US dollars ONLY. We can not pick transfers sent in any other currency.

You only need Receiver’s first/last name and country to send WU transfer. No other data is required. Please make sure that you pick correct destination country when filling in the form.

Fill sender data as you have it in your order billing address (if you need to have it different for some reason, email support).

After the payment has been sent, record the MTCN number and return to King Of Fakes and complete the Western Union payment form so we can pick up the money and start working on your order.

Receiver name means the name of the person you are sending to!


To pay with Moneygram, click “MoneyGram” at checkout and then click “Place Order”. After that, a summary of your order will appear along with the instructions on whom to pay (you should also receive MoneyGram payment details in your email). Write down this name exactly as it is given – mind the spelling! Go to any MoneyGram store in your area to send it. To find the nearest store visit this map.


Be sure to choose “Cash Pickup” option for the reciever of the transfer.

Send money ONLY in US dollars and no other currency ever.

To send MoneyGram transfer you need Receiver’s first and last name and payment destination country. Thats it, no other details are required.

Pay attention when when filling in MoneyGram form to make sure you select correct country and spell receiver’s name without mistakes.

After you sent the transfer, write down the Reference # and return to complete the MoneyGram payment form. We will start working on your order right after that!

Receiver name means the name of the recepient of the transfer!

Also make sure to take a good photo for your new ID!

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